Laureate - 1985

Yiannis Ritsos



Yiannis Ritsos (Monemvasia 1 May 1909 – Athens 11 November 1990)- a Greek poet with a hard and dark life-path (lived as a tortured and expelled person, political captive and revolutionist). He made a grandiouse work (80 published poetry books and over 100 000 verses) which helped him succeed in giving his talent a trace of magnificence and universality. His first poetry book was Tractor (1934). Ritsos is a winner of many international awards and recognitions, his poetry has been translated in almost all world languages. He has translated in Greek verses from Blok, Atila Jozhef, Hikmet, Mayakovsky and complied many anthologies. Works: Pyramids (1935), Epitaphios (1936), Song of My Sister (1937), The Old Mazurka in the Rhythm of Rain (1942), Macronisos (1949), Insomnia (1954), Morning Star (1955), Moon Sonatta (1957), Dead Hoise (1962),The Hellenism (1966); drama poems: Phyloctet and Orest, Wall in the Mirror, Testimonies, Corridor and Stairs etc.