Laureate - 1991

Joseph Brodsky



He was born in Sanct Petersbourg on 24 May 1940 and died in New York on 28 January 1996. He was a Russia poet, a Nobel Prize winner. He has practiced poetry and translation since 1963. The same year he was accused of “parasitism”, whereas his verses were characterized as a mixture of decadence, pessimism, modernism and “sheer babbling”. For that reason he was sentenced to five years exile and forced labor, and after one year he was granted clemency. Then in many countries appeared translations of his poetry, whereas in New York his book Poems and Epic Poems (1965) was published in Russian. Afterwards Stop in the Desert (1970) was published. In 1976 in America he published his book A Part of Speech. In 1976 he won the Nobel Prize. Works: End of the Wonderful Era, 1977, Urania, 1987 and others. His most well-known essay book is Less than One, 1986.