Laureate - 1984

Andrey Voznesensky



Andrei Voznesensky (Moscow, 5 December 1933 – 1 June 2010 Moscow) – a Russian poet, freelance writer. He wrote experimental poetry that has always relied on the radiation of the Russian avant-garde. He researched new possibilities and used sonorous associations and associative threads, grotesque and paradixical metaphore, in the same time relying on architectire and painting in the building of his verses. Works: Parabolic Ballads, 1960, Mosaics, 1960, Triangular Pear, 1962, Antiworlds, 1964, Achilean Heart, 1966, Sound’s Shadow, 1970, Violoncello Oakleaf, 1975, Offending, 1978, Uncontrolled, 1981.