Laureate - 1972

Pablo Neruda



He was born in Parral, on 12 August 1904 and died in Santiago on 23 September 1973. He was one of the most significant Latun American poets, a Chilean, left oriented. He published many short stories collections, and he started his literature work with love poetry. Nowever, he soon oriented at social themes of open and confrontational expression with highlighted surrealistic elements and he became an important representative of the committed poetry. His epic poem Spain in Heart (1937) was dedicated to the advanced forces of the republican Spain. His most significant work is Canto General (General Song) (1950). In this work the author elatedly speaks of the past and presence of South America, while he bitterly talks of the nation’s doom. In 1970 he obtained the Nobel Prize for Literature. Works: Sunset Poems, 1923, Twenty Love Poems and One Song of Despair, 1924, A Hundred Love Sonnets, 1960. In Macedonian his book Poetry is published in 1972.